Time to raise some pigs. Dickey Hill Farm successfully harvested 4 healthy pigs last year. This year they're raising 5! Heehaw! Pork!

Dickey Hill Farm.

Dickey Hill Farm is a small diversified organic farm located in Monroe Maine. James Gagne and Noami Brautigam began farming the land in the fall of 2014. Their ownership of the farm has been made possible by a unique farm cooperative allowing young farmers to affordably farm and eventually own the farmland. Through trial and tribulation they are working towards finding their niche as farmers in Maine. In addition to creating a business as farmers they are also growing and raising food for their own consumption. 



Thanks to the help from Blue Hill Itinerant Slaughter, we harvested over 300 pounds of pork. The tone of the day was serious yet relaxed. There was much respect and sincerity given to the pigs throughout the entire process. 

Blue Hill Itinerant Slaughter - "A Kinder Kill", is a local mobile butcher service. They are an alternative to driving your livestock (often many miles) to a slaughter facilitie in Maine. They focus on making the slaughter as humane and respectful towards the animals as possible.