Panorama # 8

The final Panorama of my winter pano series has arrived. This pristine view looks over Morgan Bay and onto the mountains of Acadia National Park.  

Location: Surry Maine. 4/13/2016 . 

17 frames. ISO 100. 70mm. F11 1/400Sec.

Post. Lightroom/Photoshop. 

Canon60d.Canon EF70-200mm F/4L USM

Pano # 7

Another truck stop off a dusty road. 

Location Whites pond Penonbscot Maine. 

29 frames. ISO 160. 75mm. F10 1/200Sec.

Post. Lightroom/Photoshop. 

Canon60d.Canon EF70-200mm F/4L USM

Panorama #6

When driving around an island its never hard to find the sunset. 


Location: Islesboro Maine. 3/20/2016 . 

29 frames. ISO 3200. 70mm. F7. 1/1000Sec.

Post. Lightroom/Photoshop. 

Canon60d.Canon EF70-200mm F/4L USM

Panorama #5

This weeks Panorama brought me to the edge of Sedgwick. It is here where a bridge spans to little Deer Isle. 

Location: Sedgwick Maine. 3/16/2016 . 

15 frames. ISO 320. 70mm. F8. 1/1250Sec.

Post. Lightroom/Photoshop. 

Canon60d.CanonEF70-200mm F/4L USM


P-A-N-O #4

It's Tuesday. The weeks are flying by. I'm half way through the 8 weeks of Panorama's! Figured i'd switch it up this week and take a midnight stroll. I finally found those northern lights. 



Location: Islesboro Maine. 3/6/2016 . 

8 frames. ISO 3200. 11mm. F2.8. 10.0 Sec.

Post. Lightroom/Photoshop. 

Canon 60d. Tokina 11-16 2.8.



Panorama Project # 2


It's Tuesday! Panorama number two. Mornings are the best.

Location Islesboro Maine. 2/21/2016 . 

8 frames. ISO 160. 70mm. F8. 1/250 Sec.

Post. Lightroom/Photoshop. 

Canon 60d. Canon EF70-200mm f/4L USM.

Panorama Project #1

To my "wide" range of viewers (Hi Mom!).


Today i am kicking off week one of my eight week Panorama Project. For the next eight weeks i will be posting one panorama every Tuesday. 


South Blue Hill, Maine.

7 frames. ISO 100. F7.1. 13mm. 1/160 Sec.

Post. Lightroom/Photoshop.

Canon 60d. Tokina 11-16 2.8.

Maine Coast Backcountry Skiing

Generally I'm in Utah this time of year. This year I'm in Maine. There isn't much snow in Maine this year. There is a lot of snow in Utah. Despite my frustration, skiing in my Maine coast backyard brings me nothing but joy. 

A Winter Weekend at Kidney Pond.

Kidney Pond is an outdoor lovers paradise. Nestled in the remote forest of Baxter State Park, Kidney Pond is home to 12 cozy log cabins. Just a few steps out the front door you're provided with stunning views of Mt. Katahdin and surrounding mountains. This backcountry paradise is available year round, however it is only accessible by motor vehicle during the summer season. For this trip we snowshoed through meandering forest trails and frozen backcountry ponds, eventually leading us to this slice of heaven.